Put down the cookie and run…

Too busy with work.

Too stressed from work.

Too tired from work.

Too out of shape.

Too… whatever.

Enough with the excuses. Something has to be done.

I weigh more now than I ever have. It’s beyond embarrassing, and a little depressing. Enough is enough.

I intend to lose 50 pounds. FIFTY. Five, zero. It’s a lot, but I feel like it’s necessary. I should probably put my current weight on here, and keep track (I still may). But for right now, I’m just too self-conscious about it. Manly, I know. I’ll be diving full throttle back into running, as soon as my new running shoes (pictured below) arrive within a week or so.

Nike Free Run+ 2

Along with attempting to alter my eating habits, signing up for a YMCA membership (which should also enable me to get back into playing ball again), I haven’t set a deadline just yet. My birthday (March 6) would be around 7 pounds per month. Pretty reasonable, I think. But my friend Jamie (@jmenix) wants me to run a marathon in Dallas in December (10th, I think). That is probably too lofty. Besides, 50 pounds by December would be about 12.5 pounds per month. Eek. I’m leaning toward January 1, but we’ll see. Deadline, TBA.


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