Slowly, but surely…or something.

As you know (if you read my last blog), I’m aiming to lose 50 lbs. My lofty quest officially started Monday (August 1). As advised by my friend Jules (@julie_ascher), I will be weighing in every Friday morning. Obviously, this time wasn’t a full week (4-5 days), but from now on, it will be. Here’s how it’s gone so far.

Starting weight: 232 (embarrassing to admit–my highest ever, but I figure I have to face it)

Week 1: 223.7

Change: -8.3 lbs

Target: 182

Remaining: 41.7

I’ve even eaten vegetables on 3 occasions this week. *gasp*

My starting goal was to lose 12 lbs by September 1, but now I’m thinking I’d like to hit that number by end of Week 2, as 8.3/week would clearly be an impossible task. So let’s shoot for (at least) the 218-220 range by this time next week.

I’m fully aware that it’s only going to get tougher. 50 lbs is a lot of weight, and there’s a huge gap between 8.3 and 50. Gotta stay focused. On that note, off I go for my 3rd run in my new running shoes.

I’ll try to blog again soon–maybe even about something other than being a fatty.



  1. Stacia! I just now saw this comment. I gotta do a better job of managing this thing. Thank you so much, though; and good luck to you as well. Not sure if you get any sort of e-mail notification when I reply to your comment, but I definitely appreciate you reading!

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