The right direction–5,280 steps at a time.

My weight loss crusade continues. I’m eating less (and better), and running. It may not be enough, but I’m working on it. Just gotta stay focused and keep working. Still a long way to go.

Starting weight: 232 

Week 1: 223.7

Week 2: 219.5 (-4.2 lbs)

Total change: -12.5 lbs

Target: 182

Remaining: 37.5


I still don’t like veggies, but I’ve eaten tomatoes and lettuce both this week–still can’t bring myself to eat them both at once–and I draw the line at onions. But still–progress, right? I imagine I’ll be able to lose the first 20 or so without too much difficulty, but it’ll get much tougher after that. Gotta keep plugging away. I’m contemplating investing in a bike, which I’ll probably do within the next couple weeks. That way, when I don’t feel like running or don’t have the energy for it, biking is an option.


I’ll try to blog again in the next day or two about something other than my weight loss kick–since I imagine most of you probably couldn’t care less. But in the meantime…hope the weekend is treating you all well.


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