What I learned at 26

Just for kicks, here’s what I learned at 26…

— I can do whatever I want.

In just over 6 months, I have lost 56.1 lbs (and counting).

— I’m not as picky as I thought.

I like Butterfinger candy bars, and spinach. Who knew.

— I’m a total geek. And I like it.

I care more about a Cubs Spring Training bunting tournament than most people do about the Super Bowl.

— Content does NOT = happy.

Never realized how much I disliked my job until I transferred to kids department. It’s like night and day.

— Negativity is exhausting.

Discussed this today, even. Seriously, when people complain all the time, I get sleepy. Yawn.

— Without goals, life is boring.

Whether it’s running pace, social life, future plans, etc, why bother if you don’t have a goal?

— Change is SCARY.

I won’t elaborate here, because I’m still struggling with the idea. Maybe I’ll learn more on this at 27.

— I still procrastinate too much.

I say I’ll blog more, I don’t. I say I’ll take a risk that will benefit my future, I don’t. It’s annoying. Gotta quit that.


…maybe next year.






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