This whole fundraiser thing…

Okay, so…

For those of you who don’t know (and those who want more details), I am doing a fundraiser. If you don’t care, stop reading now. Bam!

Here’s what it’s all about:

I’m running my first marathon on October 14. Wanted to do something good. And it’s hard to “give back” when I’m not exactly rich. So here’s the plan: I’m going to let anyone who is interested motivate me to train this summer. For every $1 donated, I will run 1 mile. It’s working brilliantly so far!

Who it helps:

Every cent I raise will go to Pretty Prairie High School athletics. I grew up there, I played ball there, I coached there. It’s home. I may have been a Coyote in college, but I’m a Bulldog. Always have been, always will be.

How long it lasts:

Since the race is in October, but school will start in August, I will take donations until at least August 1. I’m hoping to need that extra time to catch the miles up to the dollars, anyway. (that’s where you come in)

Who can donate:

– You!

– Me! (I’m personally donating $1 for every mile I run on Sundays until August 1)

– Other people! Tell them. Seriously, go now. Well, after you finish reading this.

How to donate:

– In person. That one’s pretty self explanatory. If you see me, and you’d like to donate… You know, tell me.

– By mail. If a serial killer uses this against me, at least it was for a good cause. But you can mail me a donation. My address is: 1903 E. 24th St. Apt B2, Hutchinson, KS 67502

– PayPal. I just re-activated my account this evening. If you would like to donate electronically, you can use All you need is my e-mail address:

What I need:

– Donations! Kidding. No, but seriously. Any amount is fine. $1. One hundred million dollars. Whatever. I mean, that’s a lot of miles, but I would sure try.

– Your hometown. If you choose to donate anonymously, that’s okay. BUT… If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to gather as many hometowns of people donating as possible. Just a fun way to see where my donations are coming from, while keeping it anonymous. If you’d rather stay completely anonymous (even to me), that’s fine, too.

How it’s going so far:

As of today (May 27), I have raised $83.25.

Since I started this (May 11), I have run 70+ miles. (there’s a decimal of some sort in there)

Today, I ran my longest ever outdoor run of 16.25 miles. I’m almost at 100 miles on the month, and this has definitely been a huge motivational factor so far.

Where donations have come from: (hometown in parentheses)

$50 from Wichita, KS (Pretty Prairie, KS)

$5 from Conway Springs, KS

$28.25 from Hutchinson, KS (Pretty Prairie, KS) – from my Sunday miles so far

Other questions:

Just ask!

I hope I have covered everything. If not, let me know. Thank you in advance for donating, thinking about donating, or at least reading this. Or if you clicked the link by accident, didn’t read, but you thought about reading… Thanks for that, too.




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