Weekly fundraiser update, 6/10.

The fundraiser success continues. If you don’t know the details, check my last couple blogs. Or just ask me. I’ll be more than happy to catch you up! 

As of right now (almost 3 PM, June 10), I have raised $273.35.

Since I started this (May 11), I have run 159 miles.

I’m closer to my mile/dollar goal than it seems, considering I’m donating for each Sunday mile myself. If you take my personal donations out, it comes to $210.35. Still… Gotta keep working.

Extended my longest outdoor run ever (again) today. This time: 18.0 miles. That will likely be my limit for awhile. The winds were kind of brutal, and I think my iPhone battery might die before mile 19. It was dangerously close today.

Where donations have come from: (hometown in parentheses)

$50 from Wichita, KS (Pretty Prairie, KS)

$50 from Tulsa, OK (Broken Arrow, OK)

$30 from Concordia, KS (Abilene, KS)

$30 from Hutchinson, KS (Kit Carson, CO)

$30 from Pretty Prairie, KS

$15 from Belgrade, SERBIA

$5 from Conway Springs, KS

$63.35 from Hutchinson, KS (Pretty Prairie, KS) — from my Sunday miles so far.


Here’s how you can donate:

– In person.

– By mail.

1903 E. 24th St. Apt B2, Hutchinson, KS 67502

– Online.

PayPal is easier than I expected. All you need to do is go [here], and enter my e-mail address, which is: derkfor3@hotmail.com.

Aaaaaand, here’s the photo collage from today’s run…





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