Weekly fundraiser update, 7/1.

Longest outdoor run ever today. Again. 20 miles. Almost puked for the first time since 2001, but I’m pleased to say I made it through, and my vomit-free streak is still alive.

Here’s how the fundraiser is going so far…

As of right now (almost 4 PM, July 1), I have raised $587. ($80 this week)

Since I started this fundraiser (May 11), I have run 285.62 miles.

Where donations have come from: (hometown in parentheses)

$100 from Pretty Prairie, KS

$50 from Wichita, KS (Pretty Prairie, KS)

$50 from Tulsa, OK (Broken Arrow, OK)

$30 from Chicago, IL (Decatur, IL)

$30 from Chicago, IL

$30 from Concordia, KS (Abilene, KS)

$30 from Hutchinson, KS (Kit Carson, CO)

$25 from West Chicago, IL

$20 from Olympia, WA

$20 from Dallas, TX

$20 from Flower Mound, TX

$20 from Andover, KS

$15 from Andale, KS

$15 from Belgrade, SERBIA

$11.65 from Wichita, KS

$5 from Conway Springs, KS

$115.35 from Hutchinson, KS (Pretty Prairie, KS) — from my Sunday miles so far.

I’ve still had 6 states contributing so far: Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Illinois, Washington.

And 2 countries: United States, Serbia.

Hoping for a new state or two soon. I’d really love to have 10+ states, and 3+ countries contribute.


Here’s how you can donate:

– In person.

– By mail.

1903 E. 24th St. Apt B2, Hutchinson, KS 67502

– Online.

PayPal is easier than I expected. All you need to do is go [here], and enter my e-mail address, which is: derkfor3@hotmail.com.

Lastly, today’s photo collage…





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