New blog layout.

Short, and sweet. Just made some pretty big changes to my blog. Changed the background, the title, and added some tabs. It should make each blog shorter, with still keeping the same info.

Notice the tabs at the top (I may add more later)…

Fundraiser donations: There, you will find each donation from each town/city, like I’ve been putting in each blog. I’ll still update when a new donation is made, but the FULL list will be found by clicking that tab.

Hi, I’m Derrick: That one hasn’t changed. Just my little intro thing.

How to donate: Pretty self-explanatory.

Race PR’s: Again, kinda self-explanatory. My best times in each race I’ve run — only three different distances so far.

Where I’ve run: That one will just be the towns I’ve run RACES in. Only three there so far, too, but really want to add more.

No run today. Recovering from two races this weekend, prepping for 10K on Saturday. Morning run tomorrow. Until then…




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