Weekly fundraiser update, 7/22.

Wow, what a weekend! Made a spontaneous trip to St. Louis to catch a Cubs game (blowout loss, go figure). Even more spontaneously, decided to run a 5K in St. Louis this morning — “I Love Forest Park” was the name of it. I’d never seen or heard of Forest Park, but I really do love it now. What a beautiful venue!

Very excited with the way I ran in Saturday’s 10-mile race at Fort Riley army base, and another PR in today’s 5K (check PR tab at top for more).

Several running pics to see from this week — check on Facebook or Instagram for those.

Also, fundraiser is up to $745 raised so far ($55 this week). Check tab at the top for more on that, too.

Today’s highlight: I ran in three different states in one day. So cool. After this morning’s 5K in St. Louis, MO, I went back to my hotel across the Illinois border in Caseyville, IL — ran just over a mile for the sole purpose of saying I’d run in a state I hadn’t run in before. Then, upon arriving home, I realized that running 0.5 mile would not only give me 3 states in 1 day, but it would even off my donation amount with my Sunday miles. So, yeah. Fun weekend!

Here are the pics from today…



“I Love Forest Park 5K” in St. Louis, MO



My run in Caseyville, IL.





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