Weekly fundraiser update, 7/29.

Ran my 6th race of July yesterday — “Chisholm Trail Charge 10K” in Park City, KS. It went very well. I broke my PR, again. Two weeks ago, I was excited about running a 41:53 in Wichita. Yesterday, I bested that by almost 2 minutes, finishing in 39:57. That 40-minute barrier was huge for me. It’ll be tough to improve upon that, but I’ll find a way.

Fundraiser total is now up to $820.25 — $75.25 this week. Only 19 days left to donate!

I’m only signed up for one race so far in August (and should probably keep it that way) — a 5K in Clearwater on August 11.

This coming Wednesday marks 1 year since I began trying to lose weight. So, I’m pretty excited about that little milestone, even though I’ve already hit all of my weight loss goals.

As always, check Instagram/Facebook for running pics throughout the week. I’ll post today’s here at the bottom.

Don’t forget to check the tabs at the top for all sorts of fundraiser information.

In the meantime…

If you’ve told me you’ll donate (there are a few of you out there who haven’t yet), or have considered donating, every little bit helps. Remember: August 17 is the deadline. Have a good day, all. Thanks for reading (if anyone actually is)…

Today’s picture…

(during today’s run, I ran a lap around the track at both Trinity Catholic High School, and Central Christian High School)





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