Weekly fundraiser update, 8/12.

Big week! Another 20+ miles today. Although I really wanted to go for 31 (50K) as part of Nike’s “Most Active Day Ever” campaign. Oh well.

Since giving blood on Tuesday, I still have very little energy when running. My race times were horrible yesterday, and I felt incredibly woozy. Time today was incredibly slow, too. Five days later? That shouldn’t still be happening, right? I’ve got this next week off of work, so I’ll be relaxing more. Hopefully that helps.

Fundraiser stuff: I hit my goal! Now at $1,001.25… I guess I have to get a tattoo now. Shucks. Pumped about passing the $1,000 mark, though. This means I raised $136 this week alone. So cool.

Hoping now to get it to $1,200 or so by the time I turn in a check to the school on Friday August 24.

Reminder: If you are MAILING a donation, please have it sent by this Friday August 17 — never know, with snail mail.

Still at 12 states and 2 countries contributing.

Check the tabs at the top for any info you might need. As always, if you have questions, just holler!

Today’s picture…


Today’s list of everything I did…





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