Weekly fundraiser update, 8/19.

Well, this will be my LAST weekly fundraiser update before it’s over. My mail-in “deadline” was two days ago (8/17), although if you think it can make it to me in the next 4 days, I suppose you still could. Otherwise, please go online to donate from now on. Check the “How to Donate” tab at the top for details. It should be very easy!

I currently have 12 states and 2 countries with another 1 state and 1 country on the way soon, I think.

If you can give even just $1 to get your town/state/country on the list of contributors, that would be awesome!

So far, I have raised $1,017.25 cents for Pretty Prairie High School sports programs. If you aren’t already, follow @Bulldogs311 on Twitter for scores/stats/news updates on PPHS sports.

If you haven’t seen my posts on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram: I will turn a check into the school on Friday morning August 24, so the latest I will take any donations is the day before — Thursday the 23rd. So, you’re almost out of time! This has been a great and humbling adventure, and I appreciate all the support I’ve gotten already.

Help me get this thing as high as possible (ideally $1,200+) in the next four days!

Lastly, here’s today’s running picture…





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