Fundraiser recap

My fundraiser is done! I want to say a BIG thank you to every single person who donated, and even those who weren’t able to, but have continued to be incredible supportive of me along this journey.

Total amount raised: $1,225

Where donations came from:

17 states: Kansas ($647.74–13 towns) ,Illinois ($137–4 towns), Texas ($65–3 towns), Oklahoma ($50), Wisconsin ($45–3 towns), New Mexico ($40), Colorado ($40), Mississippi ($25), Florida ($25), North Carolina ($20), Nevada ($20), Washington ($20), Arizona ($15.26), California ($10), Missouri ($10), Arkansas ($5), Louisiana ($5).

5 countries: USA ($1,180), Serbia ($15), Australia ($15), Sweden ($10), Mexico ($5).

Biggest cities (over 1 million population) — Chicago, IL (2.7 million); Houston, Texas (2.1 million); Dallas, Texas (1.2 million); Belgrade, Serbia (1.2 million).

Smallest towns (under 1,000 population) — Kit Carson, CO (233); Gratiot, WI (238); Tescott, KS (320); Argonia, KS (501); Pretty Prairie, KS (680); Andale, KS (933).

Total number of people to donate: 51

Average donation amount: $24.02

Highest amount donated: $133.34 (my Sunday miles through August 1)

Largest one-time donation: $51 — Argonia, KS

This thing got WAY bigger than I ever could have imagined. And, because I promised I would if I hit $1,000, I will be getting a tattoo before my marathon on October 14. (Side note: Please stop asking what I’m getting. I don’t know yet.)

Thanks again SO much to all those who helped me with this! My race wall is still filling up, and cards/letters, etc are still welcomed until October 14, when I hope I can have it completely filled. I’ll leave you with this picture…


Pay it forward,




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