Prairie Fire, and beyond.

For those of you who don’t know, my first marathon was a disaster. I know, I know… “You finished; be proud.” I get it. I appreciate every bit of support I’ve gotten from all of my friends. But you know what? I didn’t go there to finish. I keep coming back to a quote from the movie Prefontaine:

“Pre went to Munich to win. And Montreal, by God, he would’ve.”

I know I’m not Steve Prefontaine. And I know I’ll never win a marathon, or come even close. But I am not okay with “just finishing.” I mean, for now, I guess I have to be. But you better believe there will be a second, and I will do better. Lots better.

If we’re friends on Facebook, you’ve read my whiny post about how disappointing it was. If not, here’s the recap: I stuck with the 3:30 pace group until about Mile 11, then drifted back a bit. Right at the halfway point, I got bad leg cramps and had to walk. Around Mile 14, I got really bad hiccups (which didn’t go away until around 11 PM that night), making it really hard to breathe. I walked most of the second half.

Place: 541 out of 720

Time: 4:57:31

Both of those results are beyond embarrassing. But it’s over and done with now. Only posting them so I know where I stand, and what I need to improve upon (everything) for next time.

Next up: I’ll be running the Love Life Run 5K here in Hutchinson, because it’s a cause my mom thought was important, and she paid my entry fee. I’m contemplating a 15K in Kansas City on Nov 10, because A: I’ve never run that distance before, and B: my buddy Justin is running it…but I’m not quite sure about that one yet. Almost certain I’ll run the 10-mile Turkey Trot in Wichita on Nov 17. I’ll continue to update the tabs at the top for “Where I’ve run” and “What next,” in case you’d like to stay updated.

I’ve changed up my entire workout routine, too. Really cutting back on the running distances, so I’m not sure how long this schedule will work before I need to increase it again, but here it is…

Sunday AM: Run 10-15 miles; PM: Abs

Monday 6 AM: Basketball; PM: Abs

Tuesday AM: Run 5-7 miles; PM: Weights

Wednesday 6 AM: Basketball; PM; Abs

Thursday AM: Run 5-7 miles; PM: Weights

Friday 6 AM: Basketball, run 4+ miles; 12 PM: Basketball, run 4+ miles

Saturday AM: Weights, PM: Abs

Check Facebook, and/or Instagram for all of my marathon photos, and the ones since then, if you’re interested.

Here is today’s picture:


Thanks again for all the support.




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