Easiest race event & “registration” ever.

More info on my Resolution Run 4K on NYE that I told you about in last week’s post:

You do NOT have to be present to participate. Granted, I want as many of you to come out and run with us as possible. I’d love to get 50+ people out there that day, but we’ll see how it goes.

If you can’t make it to Pretty Prairie, KS on December 31, just run a 4K (2.48 miles) wherever you are that day, finish before 1 PM Central Time, and send me or tag me in a picture with your time, and I will plug you into our final results. Whoever has the fastest time of those who aren’t present, will get a small gift card for a coffee or hot cocoa or something from me. I may even try to round up some ribbons for age group winners. It would be real cheap-type stuff, since after all, this is FREE. 🙂

If you are interested in participating, just send me your name, age, and town you’re from (or where you’ll run if you can’t make it)–consider that your “registration.” If you have kids, friends, family, coworkers, etc who may want to run with us, spread the word!

And don’t forget to share your goals and resolutions with us. That’s what this is all about!

I really hope these numbers go WAY up, but here is the breakdown of people registered so far:

10 & under Male: 0

10 & under Female: 0

11-19 Male: 0

11-19 Female: 2

20-29 Male: 2

20-29 Female: 7

30-39 Male: 0

30-39 Female: 2

40-49 Male: 0

40-49 Female: 1

50-59 Male: 1

50-59 Female: 1

60+ Male: 0

60+ Female: 0

Unknown: 1


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