Resolution Run 4K update…

Hi guys! Just a quick update on the status for the race on Dec 31 (29 days away)… For those who haven’t seen my updates on Facebook: There will be a WHOLE PIE for age group winners! Also, with the help of my awesome friend and coworker Shannon, the template for the race bibs is finished. I’ll post a pic soon, once I’ve added color. They’ll be sweet! If you can’t make it to Pretty Prairie, but would like a commemorative bib, just let me know and I’ll be happy to send you one.

In the meantime, here’s a breakdown of people who have signed up so far…

(PS: How about some parents and kids joining this thing! Easy pie opportunity for 10-and-under group so far).

10 & under Male: 0

10 & under Female: 0

11-19 Male: 2

11-19 Female: 3

20-29 Male: 7

20-29 Female: 18

30-39 Male: 1

30-39 Female: 5

40-49 Male: 1

40-49 Female: 1

50-59 Male: 1

50-59 Female: 2

60+ Male: 0

60+ Female: 0

Unknown: 2


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