Race report: Run the Line HM

For almost 5 months, Run for the Rocks Half Marathon here in Hutchinson, KS was a race I’d considered easily my best. Not anymore. This past weekend, I hit the road to Texarkana for a Half Marathon that crossed two states; I went on to run in five states in one day — Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Fun adventure! Exhausting, but glad I did it.

As for the race…

Mile 1: I took off like a shot. My older brother Jon and I don’t have a lot in common, but one thing we do share is our habit (whether “right” or not) of taking off hard early in a race. I led the race until about 1.3 miles, when the eventual winner took over.

Mile 2: Despite a double knot, my shoe came untied at 1.5 mark. I was still in 2nd place at this point. I lost 20-30 seconds retying it. I fell to 7th place, then moved back up as high as 4th, but that was as high as I’d get the rest of the race… My goal was Top 30, so that was just fine with me.

Mile 3: At this point, all my map/route studying has gone out the window. Not sure why I focused on this so much, but once I really got into it, I seemed to stop realizing (or caring) where the twists and turns might be. I just ran with it (pun intended). Maybe it works better that way? I dunno.

Mile 7-9: I reach the park that I had jogged a bit of the afternoon before when I got to town. I must have gotten a boost of energy from seeing an area I’d seen before (even just once). I owe this to my brother’s advice to run part of the course beforehand, and also my friend awesome friend Jenn — a pretty BA runner of her own, FYI. 

Mile 12: State Line Rd. — I was literally running in two places at once for almost a full mile. Have you ever done that? Pretty neat.

Finish: I probably didn’t finish as strong as I could have, but I don’t care. I recall laughing at least twice and giving a fist pump when I saw 1:27:– ticking on the clock. My PR was 1:31:32… I really wanted to beat 1:30, and in the back of my mind, 1:28:32 — to beat PR by 3 minutes. I knew I had both these times beaten.

Time: 1:28:06

Place: 18th overall (out of 546), 16th male, 4th in age group

Nike+ splits: 6:02, 6:01, 6:15, 6:20, 6:31, 6:47, 6:34, 6:38, 6:19, 6:41, 6:55, 6:58, 7:00

Shoe coming untied cost me an age group placing. Also, one less laugh at the end, and I would’ve finished with NO 7-minute splits. Bah! But, I was too pleased with my time to care. And if you know me, you know it’s very rare that I’m pleased with a time. For those who may have missed them on Instagram, and/or Facebook, here are the pictures from my trip…






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