Race report: Old Settlers Road Race

Aug 17, 2013 — Mulvane, KS


Place: 9/153, 1st in age group

Time: 5:33 (PR)

Got off to a decent start, and felt good early. Quickly remembered I am not a sprinter, and despite almost zero speed training, still managed to tie my race PR for the 1-mile. I ran 5:33 in the same race last year. Official time this year was 5:33.08. I know I could run sub-5 someday if I trained for the mile, but who wants to do that?


Place: 17/177, 3rd in age group

Time: 26:55

Only the second 4-mile race I’ve run, and I expected to improve. That did not happen. I was 50 seconds slower than last year. Only positive is that my splits were somewhat consistent for a change — consistently slow, though. No idea what place I got, and results have still not been posted. I assume top 20, but likely not higher than 18th [update: I actually finished 17th overall]. Finished 3rd in my age group. Very disappointed in my time, but since the 4-mile is not a common distance, I’m not too concerned with it.

Side note: My lovely girlfriend Kami ran her longest race here, and did great. Her goal was to stay under 40 minutes, and came in somewhere around the 37:30 mark [update: her official time was 37:21]. I’m very proud of her.

Overall, despite being disappointed in my results, Mulvane puts on a fun event for a good price, and I like the town. Also, very cool hunter green t-shirts this year. I like green.

I’ve gotten slower this year — injuries, lack of training and proper focus, etc. I need to get back to last year’s speed/endurance, and quickly. That was made even more evident after this race.

Even though I wish I could find results a little sooner and easier, I have no other complaints, and definitely expect to return to Mulvane for this event again next year.



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