Race report: 3 races, 1 weekend

Sept 7, 2013 ā€” Wichita, KS


Poker Run @ Wichita State University

Place: 7/63, no age groups

Time: 22:56

Ran with Jon (older bro) as he gets back into running. I told him afterward my goal is to push him until I’m no longer faster than him. He was once one of the best runners in the state, and I’m still a novice by most standards, so it will happen–probably soon. We got off to a solid start & ran the first mile in 7:12. We were probably 11th/12th at that point, and moved up pretty consistently from there. We finished in 7th & 8th overall. Our splits were 7:12, 7:50, 7:45. Not bad for the first race of the day, and first of three on the weekend. On a personal note, it was exciting for me to run a race on the campus of my alma mater: WSU.

Sept 7, 2013 — Udall, KS


Monster Dash Haunted Trail Run

Place: 4/87, no age groups

Time: 23:02

Ran with Jon again for first 1.2, when he insisted I run on. I didn’t actually end up gaining a lot of distance, as it was a more challenging trail run than I anticipated. Add in some spooky goblins, ghouls, and monsters, and it was a pretty fun and interesting event overall. I even won a prize — a painting from a local artist that I gifted to Kami.

Sept 8, 2013 — Goddard, KS


Meritrust Tiger Trot @ Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Place: 34/156, 10th in age group

Time: 1:17:02

By far my worst race ever, hands down. I have a laundry list of reasons why I probably failed terribly today, but instead, I will choose to move on and focus on my next race — my 1st Ultra Marathon this Wednesday. I actually did okay for the first 3 miles of this, then fell apart. Not good in a 15K — a “short” race, by most standards. I’d only run one other 15K, and my time there was 1:04:03, better than today’s by 12:59, and I wasn’t even super thrilled with that one. It’s not a common distance, so redemption may not come. May just have to let it go. That’ll be tough, but I live to run another day.

Side note: Brother took 5th overall in the 5K, won the 30-39 age group, and got a sweet medal. Not too shabby.

Good weekend overall. The WSU race was probably my favorite. Interesting experiences all-around.


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