Race report: Patriots’ Run Ultra

Sept 11, 2013 — Olathe, KS

9 hour, 11 minute Ultra

Place: 5/18, 2nd in age group

Distance: 36 miles

Time: 9:02:32

My first Ultra. Wow. Where do I start? I went in with a goal of 35 miles, since my longest run ever had been 34.3. But it was hot, hot, hot. Wasn’t sure if I’d be able to keep moving that long, let alone log 30+ miles on a hot asphalt parking lot surface (one-mile loop course). I was able to keep an acceptable pace through 10 or 12 miles when it occurred to me: “Forget about pace today.” This was just about staying on my feet, and moving forward. I did just that ALL day (and night) long.  I sat down just once from the time I arrived at 10 AM, and the time I left at 10 PM — for about 2 minutes to put my shoes back on after changing clothes.

A race lasting from noon to 9:11 PM, my “moving time” (time I had my watch going) amounted to 8:40:51 at day’s end. I crossed the finish line at 9:02 PM, having logged 36 miles officially, and 37.4 on my Nike+ Sport Watch. I jogged it out to hit 38 miles total on my watch. I finished in 5th place overall out of 18 in the Ultra division. I was in 6th all day/night long until after mile 32 when the top female called it quits. I also won 2nd place in my age group, and got two pretty awesome medals out of the deal. I’m not happy with the results of a lot of my races, but I sure am with this one. Fifth overall in an Ultra? Chalk that up to a once-only occurrence. This was my first Ultra. It will not be my last.

Before I left for the race, I posted online: “Today, I’m going to see what I’m capable of — and then do a little more.”

I’m proud to say that’s exactly what I did.

Lastly, I must thank my incredible girlfriend Kami for all her support. She graciously drove me to the race and back (3 hours each way), handed me water a couple of times, and even jogged/walked with me for 5 miles toward the end. I am immensely grateful for her.


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