Race report: Not for Wimps 10-miler

Feb 16, 2014 — Derby, KS

10-mile trail race

Place: 34/80

Time: 1:28:01

Holy mud. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen as much mud as I ran through in this race. I went in thinking “Oh, it’s just 10 miles in the woods. It’s a cheap race. Should be fun.” Came away thinking “Ouch, ouch, my foot/knee/toe.” My blue/pink shoes are still caked in mud. I had a few little cuts on my foot and toes, and a nice sized cut on my knee from branches in the woods. Battle wounds, and whatnot… Or something.

After a 6:23 first mile on pavement to start the race, it was all over the map from there, as the course got very hilly very quickly. Also, with approximately a foot of snow having recently melted, the puddles of mud (hey, remember that band?) were deep and frequent.

After mile 2, I decided to stop caring about any other runners or what place I was in, my overall time (SLOW), etc. I had only two goals those last 8 miles: Stay upright, and keep splits as consistent as possible. My overall time was only 5 seconds faster than my Half Marathon (3.1 miles farther) PR, which seems hilarious to me. But the course was brutal, and I’m not in race shape.

Overall, this was a really fun, albeit tough day. It was cool to have my fiancee (still a new word to me) and her sister waiting for me at the finish line.

Side note: This is the only race I’ve ever been a part of where runners were stopped by a train. With about 1/2 mile left, I looked ahead to see a group of runners waiting to cross while a train went by. I secretly hoped it would stay a little longer, so I could catch up and sprint ahead of them at the finish. The train had other ideas, and I only passed a couple more people on that last stretch. Memorable moment, regardless.


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