Race Report: June – December


It’s been a busy year, folks. As most of you certainly know, Kami and I got engaged in February. Married in September. Moved to Nebraska in October. Started a new job. A new life.

As far as running is concerned, I ran fewer races, fewer miles, slower miles. My last race report was my May 50K. I’d really like to do a better job of entering a race report for every race — even the small ones. It’s helped me looking back in regards to deciding if I want to run that event again or remind myself of how terrible it was. So, I pledge in ’15 to at least document how each race goes, even if it’s a just a paragraph or two on each one. The longer the race, the longer the analysis, I imagine.

For now, let me (very) briefly recap each of my races from June – December of this year.

July 4: Freedom Run 5K (Sterling, KS) — Paced Kami to her 5K PR at the time. I finished in 25:36, 54th of 255 overall.

July 11: Lunar Trek 100K (Scandia, KS) — Bonked hard early. Dropped to 22-mile race. Finished in 5:16:57, 5th of 8 overall.

July 19: Rodeo Run 5K (Pretty Prairie, KS) — Race director/runner. Finished in 21:36, 11th of 75 overall. Big success as RD.

July 19: Rodeo Run 1-mile (Pretty Prairie, KS) — Man, that was a slow mile. But a fun day. Finished in 6:35, 7th of 47 overall.

Aug 2: Run for the Son 2.5K (Hutchinson, KS) — Fun day dressed as Ninjas w/ Kami. Finished in 13:16, 2nd of 9 overall.

Sept 21: Run for the Rocks HM (Hutchinson, KS) — First ever tech-free race. Finished in 1:42:44, 29th of 329 overall.

Oct 4: Manhattan Beach 10K (Manhattan Beach, CA) — Honeymoon w/ Kami. Finished in 57:13, 1,292 of 3,309 overall.

Oct 11: Cow Pie Trail Run HM (Loup City, NE) — BRUTAL hills. SO slow, but fun day. Finished in 2:22:38, 13th of 29 overall.

Oct 18: Nebraska Spina Bifida 5K (Holdrege, NE) — Short course. First Nebraska win. Finished in 20:25, 1st of 40.

Nov 27: Thanksgiving Day 5K (Hutchinson, KS) — Missed out on pie by 8 seconds. Near PR. Finished in 18:34, 4th of 230+.

I will likely be doing a LOT fewer races now that I live in Nebraska. Mostly because there are almost no races within an hour’s drive from where we live, especially longer than 5Ks. Talk about frustrating. But also in part because I plan to start a 20-week, 50-mile race training plan this coming Monday with the intention of running Heartland 50-miler on May 2 in Cassoday, KS.

Ideally, I’d be getting myself geared up for a possible 100-mile attempt next fall, but let’s take it one step at a time. The 50-mile mark has eluded me for far too long, so I’ve finally made a plan to attack it the right way.

I’m also trying to keep my pages (links at the top of the page) updated with run/race stats, 2015 goals, race schedules, etc.

In the meantime, enjoy the new layout (until I decide I don’t like it and change it again). Happy running!


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