Race report: Choose Your K

Choose Your K (30K)

April 2, 2016 — Edmond, OK

30K #1

Place: 18/19

Time: 3:55:35

Race this race with my wife, Kami, on the 3-year anniversary of us being a couple. It wound up being a slow, warm day, but we had fun together.

You got to “choose your K” from a 5K to a 30K and everything in between (in increments of 5, of course)… We opted for the 30K. Me, for the miles and the better value. Her for the challenge of logging her longest run and going with me the whole time, rather than just a portion of it.

She wasn’t feeling well for much of the race, but she soldiered on and finished her longest run ever in one of our favorite cities in America. Not sure what it is about Edmond, but we love it down there.

It was our second time on the campus of Oklahoma Christian University. The previous time was for a 10K race in December. Both times we’ve been there, we’ve been met by lots of friendly folks, we’ve gotten really cool shirts and had just an overall great time.

I hope we get the chance to make it down there again.



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