Race report: Irish Fest 5K

Irish Fest 5K

5K #51

March 16, 2019

Place: 258/304

Time: 40:22


Signed up for this one with the family. Ran with Kami and pushed Bryant in the stroller. Not a “race” for us. Just wanted to have fun in downtown Topeka, enjoying some fresh air.

Probably the first time I’ve ever gotten my packet two days before a race, but hey man, I’ve been busy.

Cool atmosphere for this one. We got downtown Saturday morning and found a parking spot a couple blocks from the start. We walked to the start line, where we waited a bit, which isn’t Bryan’t favorite. It’s not any of our favorite, really. We’re an impatient family, I suppose.

We did some people watching and took in the joys of downtown while we waited.

capitol pre race

We enjoyed the course, a two looper around downtown Topeka. We experienced some friendly folks along the way — and two less than friendly folks. One was a police officer who was barking orders as the pace biker. No worries there, just doing his job and all that — except his orders were wrong. Combine unfriendly with mistaken and you get annoying. *shrug*

The other was an elitest type woman who was very fast, but was grouchy when trying to pass on our right (that’s not a thing, lady) in the eight inch gap of space available — when there was about 12 feet of room to our left. But you know, whatever. We were enjoying ourselves.

kami running

Kami approaching the state house. She moved along a lot better than she thought she would.

downtown Topeka

Loved this view heading through the streets of downtown Topeka.

We were slow. But we stopped for a drink of water. Stopped for a bite of muffin. Stopped to look at some dogs. Stopped to cheer for the drumline — who was cheering for us. Zoomed down the hill and laughed together. Good times all around.


Post race swag.

Next up: Wicked Marathon — Wamego, KS — March 30, 2019



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