Race report: Pony Express Half Marathon

Pony Express Half Marathon

Half marathon #29

September 28, 2019

Place: 60/86

Time: 2:30:22

race logo

We celebrated our anniversary by taking a trip to Kansas City for a long weekend. As part of that fun was the Pony Express Half Marathon in St. Joseph, Missouri — about 35 minutes from our hotel in KC. Kami hung out in town while Bryant and I worked on finishing our second half marathon together.

shirt, bib

Love this bib and shirt.

Our goal was to beat our previous time (2:41:50), but I secretly didn’t want to beat it by too much because we’ll be doing the Salt City Half Marathon next weekend and want to continue improving our time. Too drastic of a PR would make that challenging.

Bryant slept really good the night before, so he was ready to go.

So was I.

bib on shorts

Perfect weather for a run, too. I started with a long sleeve pullover, but ditched it after a couple miles. Aside from a few really challenging hills, it was a really nice run. Bryant did great along the way, too. We had a few breaks for snacks and one to ditch his jacket, but otherwise, we moved pretty steady throughout the race.

Our fastest two miles were our last two miles, which is neat.

11:25 | 11:01 | 11:20 | 12:09 | 12:16 | 12:28 | 12:46 | 11:35 | 10:56 | 12:43 | 11:16 | 10:47 | 10:37


We crossed the finish line a few minutes faster than I could’ve imagined, so yeah, beating that time again in a few days will be pretty tough. But that’s okay. It was a great day.

That last mile was all the more impressive when you consider that I tried to get Bryant out of his stroller and run across the finish line with him. That plan fell flat — and so did he. I guess his legs weren’t ready for running after the two-plus hours in the stroller.

Felt like a bad dad in the moment, but he rebounded pretty quickly after the finish.

In the meantime, here are a couple finish line photos gone wrong with Bryant mad as hell about me letting him fall. Oops.

Later on, we had time for a little learning after we finished.

shirt, bib, medal

Swag along with the sweet medal.

Bryant enjoyed playing with the horse medal in the car.

Bryant got to play on the cool playground equipment before we headed back to KC.

Bryant in train

Kami and Bryant

And of course he got some mom time, too.

Once back at the hotel, I got a quick shower in before we headed to the Royals game. It was originally slated for an evening game, but it was moved up due to incoming weather.

Talk about a great time. Love my crew.

Next up: Salt City Half Marathon — Saturday, October 5 — Hutchinson, KS

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