Race report: Heartland 50 (DNF)

Heartland 50

October 12, 2019

Place: DNF

Time: –:–:–

It has been eight days since my DNF at the fall version of Heartland 50. I will keep this report short.

My mind was elsewhere and my body was unprepared. I called it a day at mile 25.57 and went home to see my family. I’d been pretty busy lately and hadn’t spent enough quality time at home. That needed remedied more than I needed another finisher award.

My phone blowing up with work issues simply exacerbated my desire to not be out there all day long.

This was the first/only ultra so far that I’ve done without staying in a hotel the night before. I don’t believe that was a factor in my DNF, but it certainly didn’t help the stress levels having to get up at 3:30 and hit the road at 4.


Here are a few selfies I took during the day:

Here are some shots of the course:

Here are some shots of the singular most ridiculous shirt I’ve ever seen at a race event of any kind:

race swag

Seriously. I wish that was a joke, but it isn’t. I can’t even begin to understand that one.

Mile 90 Photography was out there once again and once again, did a phenomenal job. Despite the DNF, I really enjoyed these photos:

And here is what apparently happens to your bib when you get a DNF:


My kid is an artist, you guys.

Probably shouldn’t have signed up for this one to begin with, but I was stubborn and wanted to give it a go. My next ultra will have to wait until 2020 — almost certainly the new one I’m hosting and will also run — AlfaDog 40

Next up: Spooky Sprint Half Marathon — Sun, Oct 27 — Kansas City, MO

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