Race report: Rodeo Run 8/4/1

Rodeo Run 8

8-mile #2

July 22, 2017

Place: 14/39

Time: 1:10:05

Before I get into the RD stuff, here’s a photo of me from the 8-mile race — since I’ve got stats from that one leading this thing off…

mid 8

It got hot fast. Cruised in the second loop and got the chance to chat with a bunch of friends.

Months of preparation came to fruition with my fifth edition as Race Director of the Rodeo Run this year in my hometown of Pretty Prairie. It’s never my fastest running, especially this year with the heat — but I never really care.

I’m just happy when there are no issues and everyone has a good time.


Marking turns before the race.

Dean + Silver Lake

The corner of Dean and Silver Lake prior to the race.

Escape window

Windows got a little dirty on the back roads. Ah, home.

Pre 8

Giving a few pre-race instructions before 8-milers took off.

Pre 8 2

Waiting for the RD to shut up so we could all run already.

I had a blast seeing the phenomenal turnout this year, seeing old friends and making new ones.

This year, I chose Kelly Green for our shirts, because, well… I like green.

RR shirt + bibs

2017 shirts + my bibs for the 8-mile and 1-mile this year. I pick my own numbers first and I’m not even sorry about it.

We got some great sponsor help this year, too. This was the busiest the backs of our shirts have been, and that means good helpers.

Like this kid…

water kid

Thanks to EMS and their helpers for the assistance once again this year. They rock!

Shirt back

Props to my grandpa, too.

Rodeo Run 1

1-mile #11

July 22, 2017

Place: 65/190

Time: 9:49

The 1-mile is always a fun time and this year was no exception. Our finisher total jumped from 75 to 190 as Main Street and Park Street were a bit on the packed side this year. What a fun sight to see in Pretty Prairie, Kansas.

pre 1

Prior to the start of the 1-mile on Main Street.

pre 1 2

Giving some pre-race instructions to the 1-milers.

end 1

Having a good time near the end of the 1-mile.

I had a great time at this year’s race once again and I am extraordinarily grateful for all the support along the way. We raised a bunch of money toward PPHS athletics, specifically the cross country and track programs.

This year’s total reached $3,440, while I have now helped raise $9,295 since 2012 for PPHS athletics. So proud to be a Bulldog.

And now, here are some shots with me and some friends. I missed getting photos with several others. Next year, guys!


Me and my awesome friend, Alli.


Me and one of the most inspirational humans alive, Jennifer White. Jen does amazing things with ICT SOS and as RD of Race 4 Freedom in Wichita. So happy she was generous enough to join us!


My friend Melissa came from far away to run with us! She was my pacer when I attempted Heartland 100 last fall. Thanks for all your support, Mel!


Me and my friend Rachel. She’s one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met.


THE Mike B Stout. Love this guy. He’s so fast and has a great beard. What a guy!

Lastly, major props to Jessie Cable Photography for getting so many great shots at this year’s event. The link to the album of photos can be found on the Rodeo Run 8/4/1 Facebook page.

Results from this year’s race can be found online [here].

Visit the Pretty Prairie Rodeo Run  tab on the blog to view results from every year from 2013-2017.

Thanks again, everyone! Hope you’ll join us next year.


Race report: Old Settlers Day 4-mile & 1-mile

Old Settlers’ 1-mile

August 15, 2015 — Mulvane, KS

1-mile #8

Place: ?/?

Age Group: 1st

Time: 6:43

Love this event in Mulvane. My third time doing it. Had 20 miles on the marathon training plan, so I had already run 11+ miles before these races started. Tiring day, but had some fun with it. Cool shirts, too, so that’s always a plus.

Old Settlers’ 4-mile

August 15, 2015 — Mulvane, KS

4-mile #3

Place: ?/?

Age Group: 3rd

Time: 32:16

Got in miles 17-20 on the day during this 4-mile race. Steady pace throughout as I had no interest in racing this one. Got to run maybe a mile or so of it toward the end with my old college teammate, Zach Kimble, of Mulvane. One of the few races I fully expect to try to get to each year. Affordable price, cool neighborhoods, fun atmosphere, and sweet shirts. Not much else to say about this one.

20 miles on the day. Two races, two medals, one shirt. Good day.

20 miles on the day. Two races, two medals, one shirt. Good day.

Start line photo, taken by my wife, Kami.

Race report: Rodeo Run 5K & 1-mile

Rodeo Run 5K

July 18, 2015 — Pretty Prairie, KS

5K #33

Place: 4/111

Time: 22:11

Man, it felt nice to just get out on the country roads from back home and run. After spending weeks/months getting ready for this event as a Race Director, and all morning handing out packets, signing up race-day entries, etc., I knew I wouldn’t be fast, but it felt good to just GO. If it ever gets to be a big enough event that I can’t also run the race, it’ll be good for the event, but sad for me.

Last year, I was 11th of 75. Figured maybe top 10 this year since I didn’t recognize many fast names signed up. I started out in the top 7 or 8 and was actually able to pass a few people as the race went on. That was a nice feeling — one I rarely ever feel, especially in a short race. I generally start way too fast and get passed as I go. I held on for 4th place overall, despite making a push for top 3 overall near the end. Out of 111, I’ll take that no question. At my fastest, I could have won the race. But I’m not at my fastest, and that’s okay. It was a fun race.

Rodeo Run 1-mile

July 18, 2015 — Pretty Prairie, KS

1-mile #7

Place: 13/53

Time: 7:38

I had no desire to go hard in this race. I opted to run with Charles Chege, a 9-year old from Wichita — a 2-time Half Marathon runner before his 9th birthday. I told him if he ran faster than 6:30, he was on his own. We held an 8:15 pace most of the way, before he turned it up a notch at the end. He came in one second ahead of me at 7:37. Kid’s a stud. I was able to wave and chat with folks along the way + shake a few hands with friends. Doing all that during a 7:38 mile was a lot more fun than racing a sub-6. Another fun race.

As a Race Director…

The event went better than I could have expected. We’ve done better each year of my three years being involved. Volunteers were phenomenal. Having Pretty Prairie EMS step up at the last minute to hand out water at the finish + aid station was a major bonus.

I will likely make some changes to the event moving forward. Considering a distance/route change + an earlier start time and just work on always making it a more positive experience for all. While I’ve had two very nasty complainers (one via Email, one via Facebook), and a few casual in-person complainers on race day morning, the majority of the feedback I’ve gotten has been positive.

As frustrating as the negativity has been, it will also serve as a lesson moving forward — whether in how to change things moving forward, or how to practice not letting it bother me as much. 🙂

Thanks to everyone involved for making this such a successful day.



Welcome to Pretty Prairie, Kansas.

Welcome to Pretty Prairie, Kansas.

Race day sunrise on Silver Lake Rd.

Race day sunrise on Silver Lake Rd.

Looking down Dean Rd. after the 2-mile aid station & turn. I grew up about 2 miles south of this spot.

Looking down Dean Rd. after the 2-mile aid station & turn. I grew up about 2 miles south of this spot.



Race report: Old Settlers Road Race

Aug 17, 2013 — Mulvane, KS


Place: 9/153, 1st in age group

Time: 5:33 (PR)

Got off to a decent start, and felt good early. Quickly remembered I am not a sprinter, and despite almost zero speed training, still managed to tie my race PR for the 1-mile. I ran 5:33 in the same race last year. Official time this year was 5:33.08. I know I could run sub-5 someday if I trained for the mile, but who wants to do that?


Place: 17/177, 3rd in age group

Time: 26:55

Only the second 4-mile race I’ve run, and I expected to improve. That did not happen. I was 50 seconds slower than last year. Only positive is that my splits were somewhat consistent for a change — consistently slow, though. No idea what place I got, and results have still not been posted. I assume top 20, but likely not higher than 18th [update: I actually finished 17th overall]. Finished 3rd in my age group. Very disappointed in my time, but since the 4-mile is not a common distance, I’m not too concerned with it.

Side note: My lovely girlfriend Kami ran her longest race here, and did great. Her goal was to stay under 40 minutes, and came in somewhere around the 37:30 mark [update: her official time was 37:21]. I’m very proud of her.

Overall, despite being disappointed in my results, Mulvane puts on a fun event for a good price, and I like the town. Also, very cool hunter green t-shirts this year. I like green.

I’ve gotten slower this year — injuries, lack of training and proper focus, etc. I need to get back to last year’s speed/endurance, and quickly. That was made even more evident after this race.

Even though I wish I could find results a little sooner and easier, I have no other complaints, and definitely expect to return to Mulvane for this event again next year.


Rodeo 5K & 1-mile — Pretty Prairie, KS

Avid runner? Trying to get healthy? Rodeo fan? Supporter of High School sports programs?

I am working with PPHS Cross Country head coach Jon Johnson in organizing a 5K & 1-mile race on “rodeo Saturday” in my hometown of Pretty Prairie, KS. Here are some details:


What: 5K (3.1 miles), followed by a 1-mile race/fun run.

When: Saturday, July 20, 8:30 AM

Where: Pretty Prairie, KS — Reno County (course details are Coach Johnson’s department, but I’ll work on that)

Why: Get healthy, have fun, compete, hang with family & friends. Besides, nothing beats small town hospitality.

How much: 5K is $20, 1-mile is $15, or you can do both for $25. Price includes your race fee, a t-shirt, and some other goodies. That’s a great deal, you guys.

How to register: Online @ Active.com — [here’s the link] … I’ll also have paper registrations available to Pretty Prairie folks. BUT… Be sure to register by July 13 to guarantee yourself a shirt.

Background on Pretty Prairie:

– My hometown.

– Population of 680 as of the 2010 census (growing, believe it or not).

– About 25 minutes south of Hutchinson, and 45 minutes west of Wichita.

– Home of Kansas’ Largest Night Rodeo — this year is 76th annual rodeo. [website here]

– Most famous resident was Carl Switzer, the original Alfalfa on “Little Rascals.” (this kid)

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Email: derkfor3@hotmail.com

I’m also on Twitter [here], Facebook [here], and Instagram [here].