Race report: Spooky Sprint Half Marathon

Spooky Sprint Half Marathon

Half Marathon #31

October 27, 2019

Place: 119/151

Time: 2:33:15

race logo

Wanted one more race with Bryant before the end of the year, so I signed up for this one at Longview Lake in Kansas City. I had been there before for a different race and really enjoyed it.

This experience was an interesting one for a few reasons:

  • They ran out of safety pins and asked runners to donate spare ones.
  • Bryant got cold and was tired, so I handed him off to Kami at 7.3, going the rest solo.
  • It started out out pavement, but quickly transitioned to a soft, fine gravel course.

Still an enjoyable experience overall, despite Bryant struggling. I was happy Kami was there to take him or I would’ve had my first ever DNF at a half marathon. The kid perked up once he warmed up and saw a dog at the finish line. But yeah, he wasn’t having it out there. No worries, though.

Not sure if I should count this as my fourth stroller-pushing half marathon or not, since we didn’t make it the whole way together. Oh well.

Here are some photos:

shirt and bib


Race report: Run for Missions half marathon

Run for Missions half marathon

October 31, 2015 — Haviland, KS

Half Marathon #10

Place: 20/34

Time: 2:20:11

My 10th half marathon; Kami’s second. We ran together again, of course. Had 2-3 miles of muddy roads, slick ditches, etc… The rest of the course was fantastic and the event was a blast.

We threw in the towel on any PR goals (for her) pretty early on — once we saw the mud, I think. It was also colder than we expected and super gloomy early on. The last 5-6 miles of the race were warmer, sunny and just more fun.

Overall splits on the day:

9:10, 9:56, 9:59, 10:33, 11:55, 12:42, 9:42, 11:25, 10:04, 10:13, 11:11, 9:45, 11:10

We did more a lot more walking and had a tougher course this time around. That said, our overall time was only 7:19 slower than the last one we ran on Sept. 27 (our anniversary)… And our last 5 miles were only 29 seconds slower total than that first race. Solid day, all things considered.

We also got to eat pancakes after, and walked away with a raffle prize of some delicious baked goods.

Fun, relatively low-key event for a great cause. Kudos to my friend Adam, who does a great job putting this race on. If we’re able to, I think this is probably a race we’d try to do again.

Mid-race shenanigans! Probably somewhere around mile 7.

Mid-race shenanigans! Probably somewhere around mile 7.


Post-race bling. Glad the sun finally came out.


Two-time half marathon finisher, this lady.


During + after.


Near the finish.




Soft shirts + race specific bibs + a medal. Solid.