Race report: Cauldron Run 10K

Cauldron Run 10K

10K #20

July 15, 2017 —Topeka, KS

Place: 27/66

Time: 53:52

Another on my list of fun summer races. Well, this one wasn’t so fun. Glad I did it and all, but man, the three Hs were brutal — heat, humidity, hills.

Always nice to run a race close to home, though.

bib on shorts

Pre-race bib ready.

Weird to think I’ve lived in Topeka long enough now to do the same race twice, as I ran this one last year after living in town for six or seven weeks. I run in that area up by Lake Shawnee quite a bit, but racing in those hills is not preferred for this flat land kid.

with torch

Posing with the Sunflower State Games torch before running the Cauldron Run 10K race.

Anyway, I forgot my watch at home, which turned out to be a blessing. My goal of just maintaining a steady pace would not happen, though, as I started out fast and slowed down dramatically throughout as the heat (and my clingy black shirt) got to me — hard.

start line

Shot by Kami right after the start of the race. I look way cooler and relaxed here than at the finish, for sure.

While I struggled quite a bit running a mere 6-plus miles, it’s easy to say after the fact that it was an enjoyable experience. If you’d asked me during the race, I might have cursed a time or two.

But, not all runs are great and that’s fine. Glad I did it and somehow managed to come out with third place in my age group.

bib and medal

Another item for my office bulletin board, I suppose. Most races, I put the bibs and medals in a box at home, but these I’ll post up at work — Parks + Rec connection and all.

They ran out of shirts at the race. Not sure how that even happens. Oh well. The guy seemed stunned that I didn’t care. I told him we were entered in SSG Mini Golf later that morning and I’d get one there, so it was fine.


Grey isn’t my favorite, but this is much better than last year’s white shirt.

Oh and by the way, Mini Golf went okay, too. We had to play singles separately since doubles took place during the race earlier in the morning. Mixed doubles tennis last year, but that wasn’t a suitable option this year — being six months pregnant and all.

So Mini Golf it was. Goals going in: Have fun, don’t get last and don’t fall down and hurt ourselves.

Check, check and check.

I took 14th out of 17. I’m happy with how I played. Five holes-in-one. A bunch of real golfers in that group. Kami tied for 5th out of 7. We both did better than we’d done during our practice round the previous weekend — and earned that post-event Qdoba.

SSG logo

Another fun year at the Sunflower State Games.


Race report: Cauldron Run 10K

Cauldron Run 10K

July 9, 2016 — Topeka, KS

10K #16

Place: 20/83

Time: 55:17

This was my first race in Topeka since moving here on May 31. I wasn’t remotely ready for a 10K with all my long distance training. The nasty humidity didn’t help matters either. But it was nice to feel a race environment again, even if I wasn’t “racing” myself.

The race took place as part of the Sunflower State Games at Lake Shawnee, where I do probably two-thirds of my running. I like it over there.

I had a few walk breaks, which felt silly in a 10K, but like I said — I wasn’t prepared for fast running. Went out hard in Mile 1 (go figure) and the humidity hit hard.

Had to keep reminding myself I wasn’t there for a fast time.

Regardless, I still found a way to take second in my age group and get a sweet medal. It was a fun day all around, as Kami and I took off immediately after the race to coach a 6U soccer team we got roped into coaching since I couldn’t get a parent to volunteer at work.

We then spent our evening and ensuing afternoon participating in the mixed double tennis competition for the SSG. It was our first ever time playing tennis.

How did it go? We stunk. And it… was… awesome. We had a great time, despite the heat. I’m sure we’ll participate in another event or two next year, whether it’s tennis or not.

As for the Cauldron Run event, I can’t think of a reason why I wouldn’t do it again. It’s a location I enjoy for a good price with neat medals and a good atmosphere. Oh, and snacks.

Cauldron Run 10K

My cool medal and bib — and the shirt that I have two of but will never wear. Stop it with the white shirts, folks.

Race report: Old Settlers Day 4-mile & 1-mile

Old Settlers’ 1-mile

August 15, 2015 — Mulvane, KS

1-mile #8

Place: ?/?

Age Group: 1st

Time: 6:43

Love this event in Mulvane. My third time doing it. Had 20 miles on the marathon training plan, so I had already run 11+ miles before these races started. Tiring day, but had some fun with it. Cool shirts, too, so that’s always a plus.

Old Settlers’ 4-mile

August 15, 2015 — Mulvane, KS

4-mile #3

Place: ?/?

Age Group: 3rd

Time: 32:16

Got in miles 17-20 on the day during this 4-mile race. Steady pace throughout as I had no interest in racing this one. Got to run maybe a mile or so of it toward the end with my old college teammate, Zach Kimble, of Mulvane. One of the few races I fully expect to try to get to each year. Affordable price, cool neighborhoods, fun atmosphere, and sweet shirts. Not much else to say about this one.

20 miles on the day. Two races, two medals, one shirt. Good day.

20 miles on the day. Two races, two medals, one shirt. Good day.

Start line photo, taken by my wife, Kami.

Race report: Old Settlers Road Race

Aug 17, 2013 — Mulvane, KS


Place: 9/153, 1st in age group

Time: 5:33 (PR)

Got off to a decent start, and felt good early. Quickly remembered I am not a sprinter, and despite almost zero speed training, still managed to tie my race PR for the 1-mile. I ran 5:33 in the same race last year. Official time this year was 5:33.08. I know I could run sub-5 someday if I trained for the mile, but who wants to do that?


Place: 17/177, 3rd in age group

Time: 26:55

Only the second 4-mile race I’ve run, and I expected to improve. That did not happen. I was 50 seconds slower than last year. Only positive is that my splits were somewhat consistent for a change — consistently slow, though. No idea what place I got, and results have still not been posted. I assume top 20, but likely not higher than 18th [update: I actually finished 17th overall]. Finished 3rd in my age group. Very disappointed in my time, but since the 4-mile is not a common distance, I’m not too concerned with it.

Side note: My lovely girlfriend Kami ran her longest race here, and did great. Her goal was to stay under 40 minutes, and came in somewhere around the 37:30 mark [update: her official time was 37:21]. I’m very proud of her.

Overall, despite being disappointed in my results, Mulvane puts on a fun event for a good price, and I like the town. Also, very cool hunter green t-shirts this year. I like green.

I’ve gotten slower this year — injuries, lack of training and proper focus, etc. I need to get back to last year’s speed/endurance, and quickly. That was made even more evident after this race.

Even though I wish I could find results a little sooner and easier, I have no other complaints, and definitely expect to return to Mulvane for this event again next year.