Race report: Irish Fest 5K

Irish Fest 5K

5K #51

March 16, 2019

Place: 258/304

Time: 40:22


Signed up for this one with the family. Ran with Kami and pushed Bryant in the stroller. Not a “race” for us. Just wanted to have fun in downtown Topeka, enjoying some fresh air.

Probably the first time I’ve ever gotten my packet two days before a race, but hey man, I’ve been busy.

Cool atmosphere for this one. We got downtown Saturday morning and found a parking spot a couple blocks from the start. We walked to the start line, where we waited a bit, which isn’t Bryan’t favorite. It’s not any of our favorite, really. We’re an impatient family, I suppose.

We did some people watching and took in the joys of downtown while we waited.

capitol pre race

We enjoyed the course, a two looper around downtown Topeka. We experienced some friendly folks along the way — and two less than friendly folks. One was a police officer who was barking orders as the pace biker. No worries there, just doing his job and all that — except his orders were wrong. Combine unfriendly with mistaken and you get annoying. *shrug*

The other was an elitest type woman who was very fast, but was grouchy when trying to pass on our right (that’s not a thing, lady) in the eight inch gap of space available — when there was about 12 feet of room to our left. But you know, whatever. We were enjoying ourselves.

kami running

Kami approaching the state house. She moved along a lot better than she thought she would.

downtown Topeka

Loved this view heading through the streets of downtown Topeka.

We were slow. But we stopped for a drink of water. Stopped for a bite of muffin. Stopped to look at some dogs. Stopped to cheer for the drumline — who was cheering for us. Zoomed down the hill and laughed together. Good times all around.


Post race swag.

Next up: Wicked Marathon — Wamego, KS — March 30, 2019



Race report: St. Pat’s 10K

Mar 1, 2014 — Hutchinson, KS


Place: 1/10

Time: 44:38

I did this race for simple, albeit nerdy reasons. The St. Patrick’s 5K (same event) was my first race ever in 2012. I finished in a time of 20:59, which at the time, I was thrilled with. Last year, I did the 10K at this event. It took place six days after I’d run the Ardmore Marathon in Oklahoma, and I had a rather sore knee at the time. It rained all day, but somehow I managed to win first place overall (out of just 28) with a rather slow-for-me time of 44:19.

The last two years, this was the first race after my birthday (March 6), but this year it was held earlier, and was the last race before my birthday.

The weather this year, well, sucked. Race time temperature was three degrees. THREE. Only 14 people were signed up, and just 10 showed up to run (there were 43 in the 5K). I managed to win first place overall once again, this time even slower — 44:38. I ran a pretty good first mile at 6:02, but knew that wouldn’t keep up.

It seemed like a had a big lead for quite awhile, but the guy behind me closed the gap hard — or so it seemed. I won by 11 seconds, although it seemed like 0.11 seconds. But, I’ll take the win.

As I crossed the finish line, I noticed my shirt was basically a sheet of ice. Awesome to have Kami there as always.

Fun day with some cool, yet slightly odd perks.

I won a wooden plaque that is actually a cutting board (WTF?), a “pot of gold” of Rolo candies, a giant shamrock cookie, and a free large pizza from Pizza Hut.

Now that’s winning.