Race report: Topeka to Auburn Half Marathon

Topeka to Auburn Half Marathon

Half marathon #28

August 31, 2019

Place: 114/177

Time: 2:17:47

This race is usually in January, but there was a sheet of ice on the ground with temps well below zero this past January, so they pushed the race back 7.5 months to August 31, which was just fine by me.

Strollers not allowed, so I was solo for this one. No expectations. Hoped to beat my time from last year, but with the tough course, honestly didn’t care either way. Just wanted to have fun and enjoy the miles.

I ran with my friends Marc and Shane for a few miles before they pulled away.

I missed my time from last year by 19 seconds.

Could’ve definitely ran harder.

But I didn’t.

I’m okay with that.

Ate some pancakes after.

This race probably will not continue after this year.

Not much else to say.

Got other stuff to do.

Here are some pictures. 🙂

Urish hill focus

Conquering the Urish hill. 

dirt road selfie

Dirt road selfie.

Next up: Pony Express Half Marathon — St. Joseph, MO — Sept 28

Race report: Urban ICT 50 (DNF)

Urban ICT 50-mile

July 26-27, 2019

Place: DNF

Time: –:–:–

This one will be short. I knew going in that attempting the 50-mile was a bad idea. Unprepared is putting it lightly. I almost never run anymore unless it’s a casual race that I’m not actually racing. I’ve gotta get back into it in a big way. I also have very minimal experience running at night. I don’t love it.

But I thought I’d give it a shot. Arrived about 40 minutes before the race, checked in and visiting with a few friends.

bib and shirt

Shirt and bib.

LIsa and me

One of my favorite humans and super fast friends, Lisa Johnson. Always happy to see her!

pre race scenery

Pre-race views.

I should’ve dropped to a shorter distance and I didn’t. I’m stubborn that way. But my friend Ingrid offered to run together and I took her up on it. I warned her ahead of time it would be a struggle for me, but she took on the challenge anyway.

It was fun getting to chat and run with someone else — especially when meandering through some very dark and sketchy areas along the course.

start group

Group of us at the start.

wtf am i doing

Probably telling some dumb joke already.

We made it through the first stretch around 19 miles with not many problems other than some general soreness and whatnot. But my pace was slowing quite a bit and the soreness would only get worse — as would my ability to breathe. Talk about a trend.

Keeper of the Plains

Some of the views didn’t suck.

After dry heaving twice due to deep hiccups, by the time I reached mile 24 or so, I knew I was done. I was gasping for air like never before and really struggled to even keep moving forward. I called it a night at mile 27, as I knew even if I rebounded from this (it wasn’t happening), making it under the cutoff would’ve meant actually speeding up, which wasn’t happening either.

It was absolutely the right choice, as I puked up a lung, a kidney and some other organs once I returned to my hotel. Struggled to breathe for the next day or so. I really wish I could get a handle on that. Until that point comes… I’ll just keep trying to figure it out.

Here’s a pic that looks like I finished the race. But it was really just at mile 19.2 when I crossed the end of the first section. Never made it back through for a second.

first loop done

Mile 90 Photography is legit.

Moving on…

Next up: Royals Charities 10K — Saturday, August 10 — Kansas City, MO

Race report: Rodeo Run 4 + a Half

Rodeo Run Half Marathon

Half marathon #27

July 20, 2019

Place: 31/53

Time: 2:25:53

My seventh time directing the Rodeo Run was a success yet again. Proud of the event and what it’s become, as we’ve raised a good chunk of change for the Pretty Prairie High School cross country and track & field programs over the years.

In the first three years, we had a 5K and 1-mile, then in 2016 switched to 8-mile/4-mile/1-mile for another three years. This year, I opted to swap out the 8-mile for a half marathon, which is always a popular distance. We also added a bike option this year, which was a fun twist.

Participant numbers were down this year, especially in the 1-mile, but our profits were up. When you add a longer distance and charge just a little bit more, it really adds up.

Participants this year:

Half marathon RUN: 53

Half marathon BIKE: 8

4 mile RUN: 52

4 mile BIKE: 9

1 mile run/walk: 53

Results link here: 2019 Rodeo Run Results

Anyway… Always cool to participate in an event I host and get rid of at least a little stress by taking off for a run with my friends.

flat Derrick

Love the shirts this year — and picking my own bib number.

Here are some photos from throughout the day, as I will try to limit the wordiness of this report. Mostly because, well, we have a Facebook page, you guys. [here]

7.2 selfie

Selfie in the shade after aid station at the end of my childhood driveway at mile 7.


Chris Wilson ran Rodeo Run each of the last two years. He died at another race in September, wearing bib 1082. I carried this with me throughout our race this year.

water tower

Love hosting and running a race back home. Cool to run by the old water tower, which will be coming down in the near future. 

I finished with my slowest half marathon time ever, but I wasn’t even upset about it. I had a steady pace until the aid station at mile seven, where I took a little break and sprinkled in some walking the rest of the way — not to mention fixing a couple turn markers and all that jazz.

Got the chance to run a few miles with my friends Wyatt and Kristina Clifton, along with meeting several other cool people throughout the morning.

Crossed the finish line, grabbed a root beer (yeah, root beer) and the stroller to push Bryant in the one-mile event.

Spoiler alert: That would also be slow/fun.

Rodeo Run 1-mile

1-mile #12

July 20, 2019

Place: 47/53

Time: 19:51

We rarely jogged and only in spurts. We mostly walked and talked and made animal sounds. Zero hurry in this one. Just hanging out with friends and moving a bit (more).

My legs were pretty gassed after finishing the half marathon run maybe three minutes before starting the one-mile run/walk. Oh well.

With a block to go in the race, we stopped the stroller so I could get the kid out and walk with him to the finish — well, sort of. He only enjoyed it for a bit. So we had a pick-up break in between, before walking again to cross the finish line.

B, Roscoe at finish

The kid finishes! 

B hugs mom

And a hug from mom!

I love hanging with the kid. If we hadn’t started so early (had to with the summer heat), I would’ve pushed him in the half marathon. I would’ve been quite a bit slower still, but man, it would be fun. Always is with that boy.

B at HS

Pretty cool seeing him walk around like he owns the place back in my old stomping grounds.

After the races were over, I walked downtown to eat some post-race breakfast and mingle. By that, I mean chat with and thank as many people as I could for participating. This is such a humbling endeavor. I’m always immensely thankful and appreciative to all the people who take time out of their days and pay money to travel to Pretty Prairie, Kansas and participate in an event that I host. I absolutely love it.

Thank you once again to all participants, volunteers and sponsors involved in this event. I couldn’t do it without any of you!

Sheila, Lisa, me

My crazy fast friends, Sheila and Lisa. They rock!

Cyn and me

My friend Cynthia skipped out on the 4 mile (quitter) but still came for the 1 mile and even helped out at the breakfast. She’s the best.

After the races were over and clean-up was done, we got cleaned up and drove to Pizza Hut, where we gave shirts to the store manager and his wife, who are big supporters of our event. They provided a ton of cups to us for the second year in a row. I can’t tell you how valuable such a small thing is.

They have expressed interest in continuing to help us out in the future. It’s become a traidition in the past two years to go to Pizza Hut in Kingman for lunch. What a delicious tradition, you guys.

Oh, did I mention we got Bryant his own shirt this year? It’s a little big — for now.

All in all, a very successful Rodeo Run yet again. Already looking forward to next year.

shirt, bib, medal

Custom race medals to boot. Get it? Boot? It’s a rodeo joke, you guys. 

Next up: Urban ICT 50-mile — Friday/Saturday, July 26/27 — Wichita, KS



Race report: Cauldron Run 10K (SSG)

Cauldron Run 10K

10K #31

July 13, 2019

Place: 22/31

Time: 1:01:07

Having been in Topeka now for three years and two-plus months, this is my fourth summer, and therefore, my fourth Cauldron Run 10K with the Sunflower State Games.

Unfortunately, the route is still an insanely boring six loops around Tinman Circle at Lake Shawnee. Here’s hoping they fix that next year.

I was also pretty disappointed at the scheduling, with it taking place the same weekend as Mexican Fiesta 5K here in town that I was hoping to do, but oh well.

This was my first time pushing the kid in the stroller at this event.

shirt and bib

The FOURTH time I’ve had bib # 210. Weird.

We had a huge day ahead with moving into a new house a few miles away, so while Kami was doing some moving tasks, Bryant and I went to the race, fellas only.

me and B ready

Getting ready for the race. Bib and watch on the stroller. Snacks ready.

me and B silly

Making funny faces.

start shot

Almost ready to go!

We didn’t beat our goal of improving on our 10K stoller PR (59:01 at the Tonganoxie Library Run), but given the heat and the two snack breaks, we did okay. We finished in 1:01:07. We ran a little bit with Melissa, a local TV reporter. She’s super friendly. Always good to see her out there.

I thought I saw one other stroller out in front of us, but pretty sure we were the only one in the 10K, so you know, that’s a win.

For the first time, I did not earn an age group medal at this one. BUT… When posing with the kid on the podium, one of the Sunflower State Games workers gave Bryant a first place medal from the Kids Run. That was super nice!

B on podium


podium with B

I love this kid. Oh, and Roscoe.

SSG bibs

My four bibs and three medals from the Cauldron Run 10K at Sunflower State Games.

Bryant got to sit in a fire truck at the finish. He’s gotten to do that several times at various events and he loves it every time.

B on fire truck

Bryant the fireman.

And only a few minutes later…

B sleeping

B, out.

Next up: Rodeo Run 4 + a Half — July 20 — Pretty Prairie, KS


Race report: Freedom Run 15K

Freedom Run 15K

15K #5

July 4, 2019

Place: 13/24

Time: 1:33:28

Yet another Fourth of July, another 15K from Lyons to Sterling, another race with the kiddo out in front of me in the stroller.

elephant sounds

Practicing our elephant sounds before the start.

The shirts were nice for the third year in a row, but something was wrong. Notice anything in the picture below?

shirt, bib

Cool, but… kinda weird.

No blue. No red. No flag. No date. For a July 4 race? No mention of Sterling, where the race finishes and the festival is held? Hmm. Oh well. Anyway…

The only concern for this one is that he’d get bored with it being a straight shot course with no turns and not many people.

But have no fear, there would be just enough cars and trucks along the route to keep the kid occupied and entertained.

We got to Lyons High School for the start, got set up and ready to go. With 24 people at the start line, it was double the turnout of last year’s event, which was pretty cool.

bib on shorts

Same ole pre-race shot.

We had no time expectations really. Figured somewhere just under the two hour mark, give or take a few minutes. But we planned a Sonic stop along the course before the final mile as we entered downtown Sterling. Why not have a cold beverage at the finish, right?

We moved at a consistent pace throughout, keeping things just under 10 minutes per mile along the way. We had four or five stops of a few seconds each, each time Bryant would toss one of his cars off the side of the stroller. Crazy kid.

curve around mile 6

The curve — yeah, the only one — along the route.

We ran small portions with a few different folks, but mostly kept to ourselves and had a good time as usual. We practiced our animal sounds and our colors, of course. The kid is wise, you guys.

At 7:55 a.m., we pre-ordered our Sonic drinks with the app and scheduled them to be ready at 8:15. Man, I love that app. We would eventually peel just off course to pick up our drinks and get back on track. Turns out, that was almost our fastest mile and would’ve been by far without the stop. Worth it!

Our splits: 9:33 | 9:43 | 9:33 | 10:00 | 10:49 | 10:09 | 9:37 | 10:42 | 9:34 | 9:18 (0.41)

Our slowest mile was when he tossed a car off into the ditch. Our fastest was the first mile, with our Sonic stop mile just one second behind it. I’ll take it.

We made our way to the finish after zooming past three people in the last mile-plus. Decent sized crowd cheered us through the finish, which is always fun — especially for Bryant.

B Sonic

B Dizzle with his post-race Powerade.

The post-race festivities were a good time, as well. Kami and I had told him all week that he’d get to ride the trains after the race, so he said “nuh-nun” (train sound) about 20 times along the route and was thrilled when he finally got to ride them.

Good time, fun event, will return.

Up next: Cauldron Run 10K (Sunflower State Games) — Sat, July 13 — Topeka, KS

Race report: Run to Remember 10K

FOPA Run to Remember 10K

10K #25

August 25, 2018

Place: 5/26

Time: 48:38

I don’t get to run at Lake Shawnee much. LOL. I joke. I run there all the time. But races are another story. In the three times I’ve run the Cauldron Run 10K for the Sunflower State Games, twice it has started/finished at the lake, but left its parameters on an out-and-back course. The third time, this July, it was a super dumb six loops around Tinman Circle, so we won’t count that.

There was the Run for One 5K last year and the Winter Wonderland 5K the year before that. But this was a 10K, so I got to cover a little more ground. A few hills — though not the two biggest ones — and a super warm day made it not ideal for running. But I still had a great time.

lake, trees pre race

Lake Shawnee

lake pre race

The views don’t suck, y’all.

This one was for a good cause, too, which always helps.

I wasn’t able to run this last year, the first year I’d heard of it, due to being in Grand Island, NE for the Nebraska State Fair Marathon.

I was happy to be able to run it this year. Can’t beat driving a mile and a half to run a race.

course map

Enjoyable course

I picked up my packet the night before. Not sure why, since I live super close to the race, but hey, why not?

bib on shorts

Customary bib on shorts pic.

I knew I wasn’t there to race, since I’m in the middle — okay, near the end — of a pretty long run streak of 4-plus miles every day. My legs are feeling the weight of the streak, added to the riggors of coaching cross country this season and work stuff, dad stuff, husband stuff — you know, life.

Anyway, no real goal here. Just run some miles and have some fun.

early w Bradin

That’s Bradin in blue.

I ran with a kid that we had in track last year until his turnaround for the 5K. After wishing him good luck, I continued on my way. I thought I was in sixth or seventh place, but as it turns out — I was actually in third at the time. Ha. That wouldn’t last.

early in race

Those two guys both caught me eventually.

The shirtless guy above passed me at the turnaround, while the other, shorter fella passed me with probably a mile and change to go.

No worries. I was still running a better pace than I anticipated.

My splits were acceptable, although my fifth mile was a bit silly.

7:18 | 7:38 | 7:36 | 7:51 | 8:26 | 7:58 | 7:52 (0.23)

finish line

Shadowy finish line shot

The guy who was in first or second and way ahead of me early on, flew by me in the end. I thought he had won and doubled back to check on a friend — and was subsequently being a J-Hole by sprinting by me at the finish — beating me by a whopping two seconds.

Turns out, he had struggled, stopped to walk a few times and was legitimately not done yet. Had I known that, I might’ve had enough in the tank to edge him out and finish fourth, rather than fifth.

But I’m not mad about it. Had a great time, finished fifth overall, chatted a bit, stopped at Sonic and arrived home all before 10 a.m. Can’t beat it.

shirt, bib, medal

I don’t hate the shirts.

You know what my favorite part of the day was, though?

This kid…

Bryant and me

Me and Bryant

Next up: Sunflower Run 4-mile — Tonganoxie, KS — Saturday, September 1

Race report: Rodeo Run 8/4/1

Rodeo Run 8

8-mile #3

July 21, 2018

Place: 23/32

Time: 1:15:50

Rodeo Run 2018 logo

2018 shirt design

The 2018 Rodeo Run was a success once again. We had a great turnout, though down slightly overall from 2017.

Purple shirts were a unique touch that made some of my K-State friends happy.

I was able to get back to town in the afternoon on Friday, which made the set up less stressful. We sorted shirts on Friday, marked turns on the course. As a result, I was less stressed going into Saturday morning.

The 8-mile started at 7:00 this year — earlier than in the past, which went over well with participants. The cooler temps (low-mid 70s at race time) didn’t hurt matters. It was pretty humid, but a gentle breeze helped combat that.

We had 32 runners at the start line and all 32 finished the 8M race.


Getting ready for the 8M start.

I pushed Bryant for the first 4-mile loop. This was another decision made with the intention of minimizing stress a bit. Worked like a charm.

He was ready.


How awesome is his shirt?

I thought he was in his stroller and ready to go, but he was not…


Sorry for holding up the start of the race, you guys!


We had some fast folks this year — particularly the women. Bryant and I were a bit slower, but had a great time.

Bryant and I ‘zoomed on ’em’ on the pavement and slowed a bit on the dirt. We got a chance to chat with some friends along the way and I handed him off to my mom at the completion of the first loop.

He got grouchy for about 30 seconds right before the aid station. We stopped and chatted with the EMS volunteers and took a little snack and water break.


Gotta stay hydrated, you guys!

After Bryant finished 4 miles in right at 39 minutes (23rd place for him — out of 72 in the 4M), I continued on by myself for the second loop.

Bryant was a champion.


This is his champion pose.

I ran a quick mile 5 to catch up with my friend Kristina Clifton, with whom I would run the rest of the way. She might be the most steady runner I’ve ever met. Chatting away, we still maintained a super even pace. I don’t know how she does it. But it was good to run with a friend and have a good time.


Me and Kristina nearing the finish.

Overall splits — 8:45 | 9:23 | 10:21 | 9:54 | 8:25 | 9:35 | 9:43 | 9:40 | 9:40 = 9:28/mile

I finished 23rd overall (same as Bryant) in the 8M race — out of 32. I was the last place finisher among the males, but whatever, man. My slowest race in this distance, but I genuinely did not care. I had a great time.


My shirt, 8M bib and finisher medal.

James White and Melissa Hartman were the 8-mile winners.

I was not present for the start of the 4-mile race, but my wife, Kami, did a great job of getting them off and… well, running.


Josh White and Sharon Ceja won the 4M event.

Time to get prepared for the 1-mile.

Rodeo Run 1

1-mile #12

July 21, 2018

Place: 27/125

Time: 8:29


1M start line

We had 190 finishers in the one-mile in 2017. I knew we’d be short of that this year by quite a bit. Still a good turnout with 125 finishing this time around. I’ll take it.

My friend — and incredibly fast human — Javier Ceja joined us this year. He was on hand to promote his new coaching business, Basher Endurance. But he also ran the one-mile race after his wife (also a very fast human) ran — and won — the 4M race on the women’s side.


Javier, of course, won the 1M. I’ll let you guess which one is him. He ran it in 4:57, topping our course record by less than a second.

I ran the 1M as well, though not hard. Just hard enough to break a sweat while still chatting and having fun.

I finished in 8:29, though I never pay attention to time in this one. It truly is just a fun run for me, as I just like to get out there with all our other participants and enjoy myself.


Nearing the 1M finish line.

After crossing the finish line, I doubled back to meet some friends and eventually my mom, who was pushing Bryant.

Congrats to my mom for completing her mile, despite her doubts that she’d make it. Bryant, meanwhile, slept for this one.

Then, time to enjoy some company with friends.

Then… Downtown for a delicious breakfast at Graber Mercantile, courtesy of Karin Allen with Locoflavor Culinary Adventures.


Breakfast was a big hit!

Of course we had to get a family photo to commemorate a successful day and Bryant’s first Rodeo Run.


Team Mead

I’m already excited about the changes I’m making to the Rodeo Run moving forward, as well as the new Christmas event I’ve added for later this year.

But for now, I’ll enjoy a successful event — my sixth and try to rest a bit. LOL. Yeah, right.

For real, though…

For more information on Christmas Corral Half Marathon + 4-mile and/or Rodeo Run 4 + a Half, visit our Facebook page and check out the events — HERE.

You can also see lots of information on those events, plus past results, course records, etc. on our website — HERE.

Thanks again to all of our participants, sponsors and volunteers for a great Rodeo Run!

Next up: Run for Your Momma Half Marathon — Marion, KS — Saturday, August 11