Race report: Love Life Run 10K (virtual)

Another virtual run for a friend whose race I could not attend. I was in New Orleans on race day, although it seems something always comes up with this one.

I’ve only actually gotten to participate twice — once in the 5K (before they added 10K) in 2013. I finished 2nd overall out of 95 that year. Then in 2015, I ran the 10K and finished 4th out of 99.

My friend Sonya Caley puts on a great event for a great cause. Highly recommend this one. She was gracious enough to send a shirt — none left in my size, so this one’s for Kami — and a couple of medals. So I had to earn it with a virtual run, which I completed on December 2 — a few weeks after the race itself.

love life run

Love Life Run — Hutchinson, KS

Bryant wanted to play with the medal and shirt.


Oh. Hey, buddy.

Race report (and a proposal): Cupid’s Combo 10K Relay

Feb 8, 2014 — Wichita, KS

10K relay

Place: 4/19; 1st in age group

Time: 51:40

Team name: My Kind of Crazy

This was a relay race, my first. Each of us had to run a 5K loop. Kami originally wanted me to go last so that I could pass more people toward the end. I wound up smoothly talking her out of it. You probably already know why, but if not, you’ll find out shortly. As for the race…

I have put quite a bit of weight back on and was not prepared to run fast, not that it would matter on this day. Also, there had been a ton of snow recently, and the course was a little slick, although it could have been much worse. Race organizers did a great job. I wound up running a little bit faster than planned, but was fairly pleased with my mile splits — 6:50, 6:48, 6:45.

When I got to the relay checkpoint, Kami was nowhere to be found. Thinking I simply wasn’t there yet, I kept going. Ran 1/4 mile too far before I realized it and turned around to see her hurrying to meet me. I handed her the “baton” (a plastic flower), and she took off.

I hurried back to the start/finish area to prepare my plan — asking Kami to be my wife.

With the help of my amazing friends Mike and Shelly Stout (and their awesome kids, those troopers), I was able to not only pull my plans off, but come away with pictures and videos to capture the moment.

Mike and I ran to meet Kami along her route around one mile in, where I held up a sign I’d made saying “Dear Kami, Hurry up! I have to ask you a question.” The intention was that she’d catch on, and know what was coming the rest of the race — Turns out, she never quite realized exactly what the sign had said.

I then ran back to the finish area, where I eventually stood behind the finish line as she came through, still holding my sign. As she crossed the mat, I tossed my signs down, got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.

She said yes! Well… At least I think she did. Truth be told, neither of us remember for sure. She was out of breath from the race (and maybe a little surprise), and I took the smile and nod as a “Yes.” Neither of us realized how many people were there, and cheering, until we saw the videos later in the day. Most of you have probably seen the pictures and videos I’ve shared on Facebook.

I’d like to thank everyone for all the support we’ve gotten, and surely will continue to get. The whole thing went much better than I ever could have expected. This was a fun race, and an even more thrilling day.

I’ll take a fiancee over a PR any day.