Race report: Urban ICT 50 (DNF)

Urban ICT 50-mile

July 26-27, 2019

Place: DNF

Time: –:–:–

This one will be short. I knew going in that attempting the 50-mile was a bad idea. Unprepared is putting it lightly. I almost never run anymore unless it’s a casual race that I’m not actually racing. I’ve gotta get back into it in a big way. I also have very minimal experience running at night. I don’t love it.

But I thought I’d give it a shot. Arrived about 40 minutes before the race, checked in and visiting with a few friends.

bib and shirt

Shirt and bib.

LIsa and me

One of my favorite humans and super fast friends, Lisa Johnson. Always happy to see her!

pre race scenery

Pre-race views.

I should’ve dropped to a shorter distance and I didn’t. I’m stubborn that way. But my friend Ingrid offered to run together and I took her up on it. I warned her ahead of time it would be a struggle for me, but she took on the challenge anyway.

It was fun getting to chat and run with someone else — especially when meandering through some very dark and sketchy areas along the course.

start group

Group of us at the start.

wtf am i doing

Probably telling some dumb joke already.

We made it through the first stretch around 19 miles with not many problems other than some general soreness and whatnot. But my pace was slowing quite a bit and the soreness would only get worse — as would my ability to breathe. Talk about a trend.

Keeper of the Plains

Some of the views didn’t suck.

After dry heaving twice due to deep hiccups, by the time I reached mile 24 or so, I knew I was done. I was gasping for air like never before and really struggled to even keep moving forward. I called it a night at mile 27, as I knew even if I rebounded from this (it wasn’t happening), making it under the cutoff would’ve meant actually speeding up, which wasn’t happening either.

It was absolutely the right choice, as I puked up a lung, a kidney and some other organs once I returned to my hotel. Struggled to breathe for the next day or so. I really wish I could get a handle on that. Until that point comes… I’ll just keep trying to figure it out.

Here’s a pic that looks like I finished the race. But it was really just at mile 19.2 when I crossed the end of the first section. Never made it back through for a second.

first loop done

Mile 90 Photography is legit.

Moving on…

Next up: Royals Charities 10K — Saturday, August 10 — Kansas City, MO

Race report: Race for Freedom 5K (virtual)

Only posting this to remind myself where the shirt came from.

Thanks to my friend Jen White and all the hard work she does with this one. I wasn’t able to attend the race in Wichita in September due to a League XC meet with our team at Shawnee Heights Middle School.

But I signed up as a virtual participant and ran when I got my shirt, bib and medal in late November. πŸ™‚

Great event for a great cause!

RFF 5k

Race report: Race 4 Freedom 5K

Race 4 Freedom 5K

5K #44

September 9, 2017

Place: 76/883

Time: 22:48

After my friend Jennifer White drove to Pretty Prairie for the Rodeo Run in July, I couldn’t not return the favor and participate in her race. I was just one of over 1,000 participants. She wouldn’t have noticed if I wasn’t there. I probably bugged her too much when I was. But it was important to me to support my friend.

Jen does amazing (and important) work with ICT S.O.S. I ran this race in 2012 before I knew her. It was a great turnout back then and even more impressive this time around. Pretty sure I saw somewhere saying it was the largest timed 5K in Wichita. That’s no small feat. Wichita’s a big city. I’m so proud of my friend.

Jen on mic

She stutters a lot less than I do than when addressing a crowd of people.

There was a band…


Pretty solid entertainment.

This is how you know the event is legit…


They’ve got their own truck. Big timers.

There was even pancakes and sausage after the race. I forgot to photograph those for this report. I ate them too fast. I apologize for nothing.

Anyway, on to the race…

While I’m not generally a fan of wearing red, the shirts fit great. Even got a cool bag and a pen. I love pens. Oh, and the coolest looking bib I’ve ever had at a race. Shaped like Kansas, design of the Wichita flag. Love it.

shirt + bag

2017 shirt, bib, bag and race map.

I got into the habit during long races of putting my bib on my shorts, rather than my shirt. I continue that habit now, regardless of how short the race is. I always feel like people might be judging me for this, but I don’t care. It keeps my shirt more free for moving and wiping sweat when needed, etc.

bib on shorts


I was going to try my best to find my friend Dan Loving and run with him. I was unable to locate him before the race, although I did spot several other friends. Always good to see familiar faces.

start line

2017 Race 4 Freedom start line.

Since I had not found Dan, I thought I’d just try maneuvering through the crowd and see what I could do. I did not plan on racing this at all, but once I got a mile in, I thought I’d put the lungs to work a little bit.

I actually slowed down once I started trying harder, but then sped up at the end. Probably because my friend Tom Snook passed me right about the two-mile mark. He usually holds on to beat me when that happens, as it’s happened several times. Tom’s a warrior, you guys. I figured he would get me here, too. But I thought I’d at least try to keep up with him while I could.

Thanks to Tom pushing me for awhile, I must’ve found another gear, as I sped up that last mile and edged him in the end by only a few seconds. We then managed to catch up afterward over some pancakes.

finish 1

Nearing the finish line. Tom is in blue.

Mile 17:16

Mile 27:25

Mile 36:58

3 – 3.196:07 pace

shirt bib medal

Shirt and bib, in addition to my sweet finisher medal courtesy of Subaru of Wichita.

While I am not in love with running 5Ks (running fast hurts, man), stuff like this is a blast. The cause is obviously super important, but the people — that’s what make these things worth doing for me.

I did later find Dan, by the way. He did a great job. I did not get a photo with him or Tom or Kayla of Pretty Prairie.


Got one with my friends Aaron Wilson and Jennifer White, however.

Race report: Prairie Fire Marathon

Prairie Fire Marathon

October 11, 2015

Marathon #7

Place: DNF

Time: N/A

Only posting to remind myself of this debacle in the future.

First DNF in a marathon, only second ever DNF — Gravel Grind 50K, summer 2015. Hiccups that normally don’t hit until mile 12-14 kicked in at mile 3. I struggled badly to just breathe and move forward after mile 5. Made it to the mile 9 aid station before calling it quits. Would have had to walk the rest, and it just wasn’t worth it.

This was highly disappointing, but with my new(ish) job as a newspaper editor, I’ve been working 60-70 hours per week and have struggled to find/make time to train consistently, if at all.

I pretty much knew going in this was going to be a disaster. Honestly should have switched to the half.

Hoping to get a grip on this hiccup thing, though I realize it’ll probably never go away completely. But some ideas have been kicked around by myself, some people I trust, and a runner doctor I met here in town.

In the meantime, my marathon struggles continue.


PFM expo, 10/10/15.

PFM expo, 10/10/15.

Race report (and a proposal): Cupid’s Combo 10K Relay

Feb 8, 2014 β€” Wichita, KS

10K relay

Place: 4/19; 1st in age group

Time: 51:40

Team name: My Kind of Crazy

This was a relay race, my first. Each of us had to run a 5K loop. Kami originally wanted me to go last so that I could pass more people toward the end. I wound up smoothly talking her out of it. You probably already know why, but if not, you’ll find out shortly. As for the race…

I have put quite a bit of weight back on and was not prepared to run fast, not that it would matter on this day. Also, there had been a ton of snow recently, and the course was a little slick, although it could have been much worse. Race organizers did a great job. I wound up running a little bit faster than planned, but was fairly pleased with my mile splits — 6:50, 6:48, 6:45.

When I got to the relay checkpoint, Kami was nowhere to be found. Thinking I simply wasn’t there yet, I kept going. Ran 1/4 mile too far before I realized it and turned around to see her hurrying to meet me. I handed her the “baton” (a plastic flower), and she took off.

I hurried back to the start/finish area to prepare my plan — asking Kami to be my wife.

With the help of my amazing friends Mike and Shelly Stout (and their awesome kids, those troopers), I was able to not only pull my plans off, but come away with pictures and videos to capture the moment.

Mike and I ran to meet Kami along her route around one mile in, where I held up a sign I’d made saying “Dear Kami, Hurry up! I have to ask you a question.” The intention was that she’d catch on, and know what was coming the rest of the race — Turns out, she never quite realized exactly what the sign had said.

I then ran back to the finish area, where I eventually stood behind the finish line as she came through, still holding my sign. As she crossed the mat, I tossed my signs down, got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.

She said yes! Well… At least I think she did. Truth be told, neither of us remember for sure. She was out of breath from the race (and maybe a little surprise), and I took the smile and nod as a “Yes.” Neither of us realized how many people were there, and cheering, until we saw the videos later in the day. Most of you have probably seen the pictures and videos I’ve shared on Facebook.

I’d like to thank everyone for all the support we’ve gotten, and surely will continue to get. The whole thing went much better than I ever could have expected. This was a fun race, and an even more thrilling day.

I’ll take a fiancee over a PR any day.

Race report: KUS 6/12/24 Hour Run

Nov 16, 2013 β€” Wichita, KS

KUS 12-Hour Race

Place: 5/9; 1st in age group

Time: 12:00:00

Distance: 44.28 miles

Wow. Where do I even start for this one? My second Ultra, sponsored by KUS (Kansas Ultrarunners’ Society). I ran a 9 hour, 11 minute race on 9/11 in Olathe, and completed 38 miles (36 officially). Eventually, I’ll get into distance specific Ultras, but this was still a new, longer challenge.

I had to complete 50 miles to win a belt buckle (I guess they’re like trophies to Ultra runners or something). That’s my longest run ever PLUS a Half Marathon or so. Eek. I knew it would be tough, but I really thought I could do it.

In the end, I finished with 46.01 miles — exactly 8 miles farther than my previous distance PR. I was at 45.5 on my watch when I crossed the finish line for the last time (GPS is never 100%, plus most other people seemed to be off of their official distances, too)… Still had 10 minutes to go in my race, so I walked/jogged until I hit 46 right at the 12-hour mark. Official race distance completed: 44.28 miles.

Twelve hours is a long time to do anything, especially on your feet. It was a 1.23 mile loop around Buffalo Park in Wichita, but it never really got boring out there, which may come as a surprise to many. Got to run the first couple hours (and off and on throughout the day) with my friend Mike. I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again: Mike is a terrific runner, and an even better person, and dad. It was cool to see his family out there supporting him — “Team Stout” as they call themselves. He was in the 24 hour race, and put in 70 (or more) miles for the second time in 5 weeks. Think about that for a second.

I tried my best to not think about pace all day long, as I really just needed to keep moving. There would be a lot of walking, regardless. Too much so, in the end, as I fell short. But anytime you can increase your longest run ever by 8+ miles, it’s a good day.

There were only nine people in my 12-hour race, and I finished with the most miles of anyone who did not get a buckle. That stings a little, to be honest. But you know what? I’ve done two Ultras now, and finished 5th in both. Amount of runners aside, I kind of like the sound of that.

My beautiful girlfriend Kami and her sister Macey were there off and on all day long, and supported me a lot, especially toward the end. I’m immensely grateful for having them there.

At work, we teach kids about feelings, and emotional warning signs. Funny, because during the course of this race, I experienced every single one of them. I went from content to sad to happy to depressed to thrilled to proud — just in the final few minutes. I confess that I started to cry a bit the minute I realized I had no chance for 50 miles and a buckle award. Quickly made myself snap out of it and just do my best in the end.

All in all, a successful day. BIG thanks to:

* Mike Stout for lots of running company + Team Stout for general support and friendship.

* Kami & Macey Hodson for support, food, and company the last few laps.

* Ron Micah Lapoint for support. He’s 10x the runner I am & had to drop out, but was still encouraging.

* Adam Monaghan for putting on an awesome 1st Annual event. Fun shirts, and cool bibs. A great runner himself, I know it was hard for him to not be running, but he did an outstanding job of organizing this thing, and was super supportive to all the runners all day long.

* Zach Adams for support and occasional running company. Realized we’d met each other at 9/11 Ultra in Olathe.

* Di — I don’t know her last name or where she was from, but she was positive and friendly all day long.

* Colorado lady for support. I don’t know her name or who she was there for. In fact, I thought she was from Nebraska until Kami told me otherwise. But Colorado lady offered me something each time I stopped by my car, which was right next to hers. She may have been there with the guy who won the 24-hour race with 107 miles. Yeah, 107. Either way, thanks Colorado lady!